What Works & What’s Not In Blogging?

Welcome To BloggedX!

I have created too many blogs in my life just to keep my daily logs. I always wanted to save my daily activities, experiments with blog and Google. I always tried to share different mediums using which I am earning money in Online and living my life.

Sadly, I have never been able to continue the blogs I have created so far. Either I have been too much busy with making money with my projects or I just became lazy enough to not to log anything in a separate blog.

When I started in 2009, if I guess it right, I would’ve one of the biggest “how-to-blog” types of websites in this world.

I never took any profession seriously in my life. After graduating, I instantly got a job in a corporation in my Country, passed some years there and quit. Later built a company with some of my friends and quit (2 times btw). In the meantime, bought countless domains to start a different kind of businesses online (new, alongside with some successful ventures) and never started them.

Before starting blogging (taking my experiment logs, literally), I bought two domains. Again! And wrote a couple of reviews and blogging articles there and forgot. :/

Anyways, I bought another domain, installed a theme, redirect those two blogs in this and took a vow to start again, seriously.

This time, I am taking the blogging stuff seriously and want to see how it goes. My experiences (Almost a decade in this industry), experiments, hustles, and learnings might have something worthwhile to share with the world. And this is the only motivation I have right now.

As this is a side project (because I have lots of other professional blogs where I make money), I may not be super active here in blogging; but I will definitely cut down my times on other stuff (what I usually do in leisure) and stay alive here.

Hope, you guys will stay with me, as always. Inspire me, comment your opinions and share the articles (if you found anything useful).

Last but not the least, I will not promote this blog like a pro (like how devoted I am with my professional blogs) because I would like to let Google and visitors handle that for me. 🙂

Thanks & Love,